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5 for 5 Guarantee

The 5 for 5 Guarantee Challenge

Here’s the point form before the explanation:

  • Only 5 stocks to trade
  • Using the Evening Investor Strategy
  • A guarantee of 5% cumulative return
  • Value added service for free
  • Purchase orders and stop losses
  • Opportunity for a refund on the Weekly Newsletter

Here’s how it will work.  I’m going to chose 5 stocks that I will trade, using the Evening Investor Strategy, from November to the end of 2011 with a guarantee of a 5% cumulative return (adding profits and subtracting any losses). While you’re receiving this value added service for free, just by being a subscriber to the Weekend Newsletter, I’m still going to offer a guarantee for you right now! I just want to show you that it’s worth watching… each trading day.

I’ll be choosing 5 stocks, placing purchase orders, setting stop losses, etc. all on a table posted on my website every evening.  You can then follow along and see the results.

While you’ll receive this for free as a subscriber, I’m going to do something to protect your reputation with your friends. Refer a friend to the Weekend Newsletter and they will also receive the Evening Investor Strategy 5 for 5 guarantee for the cost of their subscription… but, if by the end of the year, I have not received a cumulative return of 5% (adding profits and subtracting any losses), I’ll refund the full amount of their subscription fees for the months they subscribed… (November to the end of December 2011) and yours too!  That’s right… a true guarantee.


It’s simple… when they subscribe, you and they must let me know, via an email, of your referral.  That way I’ll know how they came to subscribe to the Weekend Newsletter… and that they are a part of the 5 for 5 Challenge.

So, you have a couple of weeks… think of a friend or two, refer them to Invest in the Markets, and make sure they sign up for the Weekend Newsletter.  Then, join me in a few weeks for the Evening Investor Strategy in action… you have nothing to lose… and so much to gain!  Subscribe here.

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