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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. I’m Doctor Stock and this is my website, Invest in the Markets. There’s two things I get asked repeatedly so let me get them out of the way right here.

  • What’s up with the name “Doctor Stock?” Well, it stems from a couple of things. First, I’m a rather private individual, so I was looking for an “online name” that I could use. I hold a Ph.D. in the field of communications and I kinda’ thought of myself as someone who could diagnose and provide solutions for people’s stock market ailments… so the name “Doctor Stock” just seemed to fit.
  • Why did you create the site “Invest in the Markets?” Honestly, it’s been a lot of work… but I’m enjoying it. Basically, I wanted to help my family and friends learn to preserve capital, minimize risk, and maximize returns when investing in the stock market.

Here’s a little background in point form:

  • I’ve been investing in the stock market for over 20 years.
  • I’ve seen the 1987 stock market crash, the “dot com” bubble burst, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 of which we’re still feeling the effects.
  • I’ve seen hundreds of people lose significant amounts of money during these difficult years and heard their frustrations, fears, disgust with their “professional brokers” and anger.

So I created this site to help my friends, help my family… and help you preserve your capital, minimize your risks, and maximize your returns when investing in the stock market.

But I’m not an advisor (please read my disclaimer)… although I have a financial background. I used to work for a major Canadian bank as a financial assistant and advisor, holding my mutual funds license in the 90′s. Today, I’m simply a part-time trader… I work full time to provide for my family. I was taught at an early age to invest in mutual funds, GICs, Government Savings Bonds, and other forms of “safe” investments. Over 20 years later, my interest in the markets has developed through education, trial and error, reading and research, and now I can honestly say, I’m a successful investor in the stock market (a truly rare thing to be able to say).

…and you are…

How about you? Why not take a moment and introduce yourself…I’d love to get to know you too!

…and be sure to tell me what your looking for…

Please take a moment to let me know why you dropped in… what it is that you’re looking for that would help you become a successful investor in the stock market. Oh, and if you’re just starting out… great! This site is for you, so don’t be shy, tell me what you’re looking for too (I’ve included an easy-to-use form below!)

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